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The funerals of the Albanian mobsters killed by Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) in the prior film are held in Tropojë, Albania. Murad (Šerbedžija), the terrorist leader of the gang and father of Marko, whom Bryan had killed by electrocution, vows to capture Bryan, bring him to the graves and avenge their loved ones. Murads men torture Jean-Claude Pitrel (Rabourdin) (the corrupt French Intelligence officer from first film) to try to learn Bryan’s location, breaking Jean-Claude’s balls during torture. They end up bribing an official for the information.

Taken 2 (2012)

Taken 2 (2012)

Kim (Grace) and her mother Lenore (Janssen), who is currently having marital problems, surprise Bryan by joining him in Istanbul, Turkey, where he has just finished a three-day security job. The next day, Lenore and Bryan go out for lunch. Bryan realizes they are being followed. After a chase, the men capture Lenore, forcing Bryan to surrender, but before he does, he calls Kim and warns her. Her would-be abductors shoot another hotel guest and two security guards, but fail to find her and are forced to flee.

Bryan wakes with his hands tied to a pole in a basement of an old house. Using a phone that he had hidden in his sock, Bryan calls Kim, instructing her to go to the American Embassy and tell them what happened, but she begs for a chance to help him and Lenore. Under Bryan’s guidance, she opens his suitcase, containing weapons, and throws a grenade onto a deserted rooftop parking lot. By timing the sounds of the explosions, Bryan is able to successfully triangulate his location.

While he is tied up, the Albanian mobsters bring in a struggling Lenore. One takes a knife and makes a small cut to her throat before hanging her upside down by chains. They tell Bryan he has to watch her bleed out and die before he dies. When the mobsters leave Bryan is able to undo his chains, take Lenore down, and call Kim to detonate two more grenades so he can determine his location. The grenade detonations enable Bryan to guide Kim close enough to see steam he sends up a chimney to mark his precise location. Kim tosses the gun down the chimney. Bryan uses it to kill the Albanians in the building, then saves Kim from her rooftop pursuer. Lenore, however, is taken away by her captors. They steal a taxi and follow the captors. Leaving Kim at the taxi, when Bryan returns to retrieve Lenore, he spots the gang taking her to van. He shoots at the van but fails save her. Then, he returns to the taxi and both Kim and Bryan head to the Embassy as Kim drives the taxi. A chase and shootout with the police and captors’ henchmen then take place, ending when Kim and Bryan cross a railroad track; the henchmen being killed after their vehicle is hit by a train.

By leaving Kim at the US Embassy, Bryan retraces the route to Murad’s safe house he memorized from his abduction. After killing the rest of the gangsters and rescuing Lenore, he confronts Murad, who confirms Bryan’s guess that his two remaining sons will seek revenge if Bryan kills him. Bryan offers to let Murad live if he gives his word to end his vendetta. When Murad nods his head, Bryan drops his gun and starts to walk away. Murad seizes it and tries to shoot Bryan, only to discover that Bryan has removed the cartridge from the pistol’s chamber. His actions proved his untrustworthiness, and he is impaled on a towel hook by Bryan.

Three weeks later, the Mills family are at a diner back home in Los Angeles to celebrate Kim passing her driving test. They are joined, much to Bryan’s surprise, by Kim’s boyfriend Jamie. Kim jokingly asks her father not to shoot him.

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