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The film begins in Hudson, Ohio, where Scott “Scotty” Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) gets dumped by his girlfriend, Fiona (Kristin Kreuk), immediately after his high school graduation in 2004. Scott and his best friend, Cooper Harris (Jacob Pitts), attend a graduation party that evening and listen to a performance of the film’s main theme song “Scotty Doesn’t Know”, that crudely details the affair Fiona was having with the singer, Donny (Matt Damon), while she was with Scott. Drunk and angry, Scott returns home and receives an e-mail reply from his German pen pal, Mieke (Jessica Boehrs), who feels sorry for him being dumped and wants to arrange a meeting in order to make Scott feel better. Pronouncing Mieke as “Mike”, Scott mistakes her for a guy and a homosexual rapist and tells her to stay away from him. Scott’s younger brother, Bert (Nial Iskhakov), elucidates that “Mieke” is a common girls’ name in German. Realizing his mistake, and that he has feelings for Mieke, Scott tries desperately to contact her again, only to find out that Mieke has blocked his email address. Encouraged by Cooper and with him in tow, Scott decides to travel to Europe, seek out Mieke, and apologize to her face-to-face.

EuroTrip 2004

EuroTrip 2004

Scott and Cooper first travel as couriers to London, where they end up befriending the members of a Manchester United football hooligan firm, led by Mad Maynard (Vinnie Jones). After a wild night of drinking, Scott and Cooper wake up on a double-decker bus on their way to Paris for a Manchester United game. Once in the French capital, they meet up with fraternal twins and fellow high school classmates, Jenny and Jamie (Michelle Trachtenberg and Travis Wester), who are touring Europe together. Jenny and Jamie decide to accompany Scott and Cooper to find Mieke in Berlin and along the way plan to visit other parts of Europe together, since this will be the last summer the four of them will spend as a group before going off to college. The group travel by train to Amsterdam, where Jamie is robbed while engaging in oral sex with a beautiful camera salesgirl. As Jamie had everyone’s money, passports, and train tickets with him, they have no choice but to hitchhike to Berlin. Scott asks a German truck driver to take them to Berlin to find Mieke. However, Scott’s German is poor and even though the driver mentions Berlin in his reply numerous times, the foursome fail to realize that he is trying to tell them that he is going nowhere near Berlin. The group ultimately end up in Bratislava, where they are horrified by the desolation of Eastern Europe in the aftermath of the Cold War. Having realised that there is a great exchange rate for the U.S. dollar, they decide to have some fun and the group goes to a nightclub. Drunk on absinthe, Jenny and Jamie make out with each other, witnessed by Scotty and Cooper, and are horrified when they realize what they are doing. The next day, an American-obsessed Slovak man named Tibor (Rade Šerbedžija) finally drives them to Berlin. Scott and Cooper soon find out that Mieke has gone with a tour group for the summer and will be reachable in Rome for only a short time. In order to afford plane tickets to Rome, Jamie sells his precious Leica M7 camera.

In Rome, the four friends head to the Vatican City, where Mieke tours before she leaves for her summer at sea. To get in, they pretend to be a tour group, with Jamie acting as their guide, another group has lost their guide and joins, allowing Scott and Cooper to search for Mieke. Inside the Vatican, Scott and Cooper cannot help, but ends up fooling around and accidentally triggering the election of a new pope. While Scott is meeting up with Mieke, the Swiss Guards realize what is going on and attempt to stop Scott and Cooper in order to punish them for their actions. However, the Manchester United football supporters from London suddenly shows up at the Vatican just in time to rescue Scott and later watch him finally introduce himself, and confess his love for, Mieke in person, with Mad Maynard giving some last minute advice. Mieke is happy to see him, and after having passionate sex with Scott in one of the confessional booths, Mieke tells him to continue writing to her. Jamie is so convincing as a tour guide he is hired by Arthur Frommer. On the flight back to Ohio, Jenny entices Cooper to have sex with her in one of the plane’s lavatories, thus finally realizing his dream of crazy European sex. The film ends when Scott moves to Oberlin College in the fall term. During a phone call with Cooper, who is now in a relationship with Jenny, an unexpected knock on his dorm room door turns out to be Mieke, who explains that, due to another misunderstanding about her name, is now his roommate. Scott and Mieke share their passionate embrace, as Cooper’s voice continues to talk over the phone, demanding to know what is going on.


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